Friday, December 22, 2006

Phases & Rooms In Revit

Alright, so I had a change of heart with every post being in DWF, but it remains a great tool and freewheel can be of great use for yourself and for clients, so definitely check it out.

So you are placing rooms in your phased building but you have rooms that are not effected by the phases, what do you do? Anybody who has experienced this has realized that rooms can exist in only one phase and you have to replace all rooms for any additional phases. The phases of rooms can not be modified and are set by the phase of the view placed in.

Option #2 and a huge timesaver is as follows:

1.) Select all rooms in your project that you want to maintain through the phase change.
2.) Click to the menu Edit -- > Copy to Clipboard
3.) Change to the View of the new phase of your building
4.) Click to the menu Edit --> Paste Aligned --> Current View

This will copy all of your Rooms and their parameters to the new phase of your project so you do not need to recreate the rooms for the new phase.


Todd said...


You need to add an RSS feed so I get notifications of your awesome articles.

Keep up the great work and keep preachin' the DWF brother!


Anonymous said...

Two questions:
1. What's the fastest way to edit a "permanent dimension"? I've done the property edit and duplicating it and giving it a larger round-off number, but I'm hoping there's a better, faster approach.

2. How do we edit a family drawing that was inported from a "dwg" format? I'm racking my brain trying to figure this one out.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting inconsistent units with this formula for the glazing multiplier and tried evrything I can think of. Must be missing something.
if(North, 0.05, if(South, 0.15, if(West, 0.07, if(East, 0.07, 1))))